Enjoy milder weather without running either furnace or air conditioner

In my opinion, the best time of the year is almost here. I am ready to be done with the hot and humid summer weather. It’s been a long stretch of sticky days and nights and needing to run the air conditioner non stop. It’s been too hot to spend anytime outdoors. Operating the air conditioner at max capacity is draining my budget. I’m ready for the fall season to bring cooler temperatures. I look forward to the fall for many reasons. The temperature is often mild enough that it requires neither heating or cooling. I save some money on my energy bills and get to open the windows. Bringing in some fresh air greatly improves the air quality in the home. Plus, the fall is a beautiful time of year. The changing leaves are beautiful. I look forward to fresh picked apples, squash, zucchini and pumpkins. However, I know that the year has almost come to a close. I try to spend time walking outside in the cool air because I know winter is on the way. It isn’t long before a light sweatshirt isn’t enough. Then I’ll need to close all the windows and make sure the house is sealed tight. The outside temperature drops very quickly. We experience winter temperatures well below zero and lots of snow. I can’t afford to allow any of my heated air to escape or bring in any outside air. Over the winter the house becomes extremely dry and stuffy. It’s necessary to rely heavily on the furnace. I devote quite a bit of money to heating expenses. I then start looking forward to the arrival of spring. Although spring is typically cool & rainy, I can sometimes get away with shutting down the furnace a few weeks before starting up the air conditioner.

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