Even wealthy people make stupid mistakes

I responded to a repair call way out in the Hills. It was 20 miles away from my work location, but the house was a 3 million-dollar property. My boss did not tell me the name of the owner of the house. I was supposed to meet with the butler. When I arrived, I was asked to enter the house through the entrance in the back instead of the front door. I saw the owners of the house as I was walking to the area where the HVAC system was located. They barely looked in my direction and acted like I didn’t even exist. When I started evaluating the HVAC unit, the first thing I looked at was the air filter, thermostat, and drainage area. These three areas are common problems that can keep an HVAC unit from working. The very first thing I noticed was the air filter. It was completely covered with hair and dust. I changed the air filter and did not find any other problems with the system. When I turned on the machine, it seemed to work fine. I told the butler that the owner needs to change the air filter more frequently. There was otherwise nothing wrong with the air conditioning system and nothing at all keeping the machine from working properly. I tested the air coming out of the ductwork and it was 52 degrees. That is absolutely perfect and exactly what we want. They paid the bill and didn’t ask any additional questions. I bet they never even checked the air filter before calling a professional.

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