Every Night Before I go to Bed I Have my Snacks Ready

My mom said I was waking up every two hours to feed when I was a baby.

She said that as I got older, waking up every two hours did not change.

And even now, at age 54, I still wake up every two hours to eat or use the bathroom. I have a banana, a spoon, and some peanut butter beside my bed each night so I can easily eat and be back to sleep within a couple minutes maximum. On days when I play a lot of volleyball, like today, I’ll eat twice during the night. Tonight’s a two banana night. My body burns a lot of energy, and I sleep hot, so I need to set the thermostat to 19 C over here. I also have a fan beside my bed, blowing even more cold air on me. As a matter of fact, I need to check the a/c filter in the air handler to make sure it’s clean. They put the air handler in the bathrooms here, which is quite odd to me. If it smells really bad in the bathroom then the whole house will smell bad too. I still don’t know who told the HVAC providers to put all of the air handlers in the bathroom. It seems like they could fit it in the living rooms easily but why it’s in the bathroom is beyond me, I’m sure someone knows why. Then again, I am not an HVAC specialist, so I have no clue in the first place where they can go over here.

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