Finally investing in a central air conditioner

Until just recently, I refused to invest in whole-home air conditioning.

Living in the northeastern part of the country, I didn’t think it was necessary.

Our winter weather typically lasts for six to eight months and we deal with temperatures down to twenty-five degrees below zero. The summer season is brief and sometimes rainy. However, we can get temperatures in the high eighties and brutal humidity. I was fine with opening windows, running fans and installing compact air conditioners into the bedroom windows. My wife was not happy with this method. She didn’t like sacrificing the view from the bedroom window and complained that the fans stirred up dust. I’ll admit that opening the windows allowed bugs, pollen, dust and exhaust fumes inside. The only reason I finally agreed to invest in a central air conditioning system was because of deal offered by a local HVAC contractor. I needed to upgrade the furnace and I saved a bunch of money by doing a package deal. Plus, there was a rebate from the manufacturer. Once the air conditioner was installed and running, I was surprised by all of the benefits. I tend to run the cooling system even when the weather is mild. I just set it to the fan-only mode and let the unit circulate the indoor air. It keeps the air smelling and feeling fresher, and also filters out contaminants. Now that we are keeping the windows closed, the house is definitely much cleaner and we all sleep better at night. Because the air conditioner is extremely energy efficient, the electric bills are not overly expensive.

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