Find time for the HVAC

Too much of the time I feel like I’m completely out of time.

This is due to the fact that each day is full of things that have to get completed. And that doesn’t include all the stuff that I have to do for my job. No, I’m just talking about all the other stuff. There are kids to get from point A to point B or picked up. I have cooking, cleaning and shopping to do as well. It’s a real effort just to get most of this stuff done. There isn’t a whole lot of time set aside for relaxing in the cooling comfort of the air conditioning these days. But invariably, there are things that fall through the cracks. And too often, those things have to do with other household tasks that I just haven’t gotten to. A big one for me is the HVAC chores. Given how totally essential our heating and cooling comfort is, you’d think I could find time. However, I consistently end up forgetting or putting off the stuff I need to do when it comes to the HVAC equipment. Well, I’m really making an effort to tighten that part of my life up. I’ve set alarms across all of my devices to remind me about the air filters. Each month, the HVAC air filter needs to be changed. All HVAC equipment needs steady, unobstructed air flow to work well. So changing the air filter is essential business. I am taking one thing off the HVAC to do list. I’ve joined an HVAC service plan offered by the HVAC company. I can now simply confirm appointments online and don’t have to remember to schedule.


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