Five hours of boiler repair work needing to be done

I was talking about my lifestyle and how it has changed. The simplicity of life can give you a freedom back that you had when you were a little child and make you feel light and free like you once felt. Life can get too complicated with all of the responsibilities we put on our plates and take away from the delight we once felt. Some of my friends have such a busy life that I have to schedule weeks in advance if I want to hang out with them for an hour or so. Most of them own local businesses and have kids, which takes up almost all of their free time, kind of like my heating and cooling rep buddy who I haven’t seen in many years. He told me he only has an hour each day free to himself from 10am till he goes to sleep, so that explains why we never get to hang out anymore. I was running a heating and cooling business myself back then and was quite tied up with heating and cooling repairs, and so I decided I wanted a change and made my life much simpler in the process. It took me many years to get out of debt and to simplify my life, but now that I did it I feel so free and light. I still work some for the new corporation in town, but only part time, and I get to spend the rest of my time in the naturally temperature controlled beach that is close to my flat. Life is good if you work on it.



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