Getting back to nature still offers HVAC cooling

One of my favorite things is to see the expression on a visitor’s face the first time they come out to where I live.

For one, there aren’t that many visitors as it takes a good while and good directions to find my place.

I live so far out that I’m not even on the grid. But that doesn’t mean that my place doesn’t have quality heating and air. Well mainly, the ductless heat pump is for air conditioning when it gets rather warm in the summer. I have the heating in hand with the wood stove. But it’s also nice to have the ductless heat pump to rely upon when I come home to a cold stove. I have to travel for business so it’s nice to have that HVAC heating from the ductless heat pump while I start a cold stove. Most of my visitors are really surprised that I live, pretty much, just like they do. It’s a great way to live for sure. I grow much of what I eat and I have a solar array that provides my electricity. I built the large cabin I live in myself so I don’t have any payments on anything. That’s a great way to keep you paycheck in the bank. But I have running water, satellite wi-fi and all the other amenities like the quality heating and air from the ductless heat pump. Most people think I’m going to be out here in some sort of shack or having to peddle a bike to produce electricity. So coming in to a nicely appointed home with air conditioning is often quite the shocker for most folks.


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