Getting the dogs and cats their own space comes with HVAC

It wasn’t like I just hated the fact that so many wayward dogs and cats had seemingly taken over our house.

I dealt with that okay because I love my wife and I love her heart.

There isn’t much of anything I wouldn’t do to support her. But the HVAC equipment was sort of in question there for a while and I wasn’t too comfortable with that fact. Our home had become a sort of hub for animals that were lost or abandon. And my wife was awesome at getting them home or finding them new homes. In the meantime, they were sharing the air conditioning of our house with us. I would come home from my office with the zone controlled HVAC to lots of happy faces and wagging tails. I do have to admit that this was a pretty cool part of the deal since our kids are off to college. But all that dander and fur was really playing havoc with the HVAC unit. The air filter was getting clogged up all the time. And as everyone knows, heating and cooling equipment need constant and unobstructed air flow. So we finally decided that what we were engaged in wasn’t sustainable. But the animals were too important as well. So we ended up adding space onto our house for just the animals. The HVAC company helped out with a ductless heat pump at cost and no charge for the installation. That’s putting community relations in action with our HVAC company.

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