Going online for HVAC company

For a long time, I have struggled to keep my HVAC corporation afloat.

I guess in a way, I am set in my ways and didn’t really want to adjust to all of the changes that have occured.

Everything nowadays is technology-based it seems. I was not one for technology, and I didn’t really get why everyone was so obsessed over it. Although after seeing my amount of customers drop month after month, I began to get desperate. Although I had the solution in front of me all along, I tried to ignore as long as possible. Eventually, I gave in and called my daughter who was a graphic designer. Knowing that I would not only have to learn computers, but also create a website from scratch, was a challenge, but I would do it if it meant saving my business. I let my daughter to most of the web building, while I took a computer class. After I learnt the basics of computers, my daughter helped me choose between different website designs and then after paying the server, my website was ready to go for business. I honestly didn’t expect much, maybe a few more customers if I was lucky, but to my surprise I was wrong. After a month or so of my website being up, I noticed a slight increase in my business. Month after month it kept increasing, and so did my website’s traffic number. I was honestly surprised, I didn’t think digital marketing would have much of an effect, but it did quite the opposite. I started editing and adding new things to my website every week and improved it by quite a bit, and I am glad I did now. Online marketing works.


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