Going to the barber

I love going to the barber in the summer time.

I know that sounds strange, but let me tell you the reason why.

The reason why is because I love the really relaxing and great central air conditioning system they have in the barber shop. When I walk in there from the outside super hot sun, it is like a breath of fresh air when I feel the central air conditioning against my body and on my face. And after I get a really good hair cut, the central air conditioning feels even more wonderful. I sometimes just like to hang around in there and talk to the customers and the barbers for a bit afterwords just to enjoy that central air conditioning system a little longer. My own central heating and air conditioning system at home isn’t bad or anything, it just is not as good as the central air conditioning in the barber shop! I have been meaning to ask them the brand of the HVAC system that they have in there. I want to see if maybe that could be the trick, or maybe it is just the way the building is built. I am not really sure. But all I do know is that if it does turn out to be the brand of their central heating and air conditioning system unit, I may end up looking into upgrading my own heat and a/c system to that exact brand. I just really love their air conditioning in that place! It’s heaven on earth.
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