Hard water wrecks water heater

My house is equipped with a water well on the property. Unfortunately, we have very hard water. It’s overrun with rust, calcium and magnesium. The water is tinted orange and smells of rotten eggs. We don’t drink it or cook with it. The hard water stains our sinks, tubs, linens and even our hair. It causes issues with dry skin and frizzy hair. The contaminants buildup inside our pipes, diminishing our water pressure and leads to corrosion. Any of our appliances that use water, such as the washing machine and dishwasher, gradually lose efficiency and effectiveness. We need to replace our appliances more frequently because of it. When we first bought the house, a new water heater only cost around a hundred dollars. It wasn’t a huge expense to replace our rusted out water heater every couple of years. The price of a water heater has steadily gone up. We’re now spending around six hundred dollars. We’ve looked into different types of water softeners with no luck. Another concern is the anode rod in the water heaters. The anode rod is designed to draw contaminants out of the water. Because our water is so terribly overrun with iron and minerals, the anode rod quickly becomes compromised. It then causes our water to develop a blackish tint and especially rancid smell. We are forced to remove the anode rod which voids the warranty of the water heater. Although the water heater typically fails before the warranty is up, we are unable to take advantage of it. We’ve dug several water wells on our property but have been unable to find any better supply of water.

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