He gets the HVAC specialist to inspect the furnace

Ronald forgets more stuff than he remembers these days.

  • That’s just sort of par for the course as he’s aging.

But most of what he forgets is stuff that ends up way down on his priority list. So, Ronald is still a full on adult and taking care of his cabin. Like there is no way in the world that Ronald would forget about getting heating maintenance done on his oil furnace. That’s just out of the question. Getting the HVAC specialist to inspect and do maintenance on the oil furnace prior to winter season is not something that will slip off of his to do list. Where Ronald lives, temperatures drop to below zero such that one would be certifiable not to have the oil furnace maintained by an HVAC professional every year. Ronald ensures the HVAC unit is ready, and he backs that source of heating up with an additional source of heating. He has a wood stove that was custom built for this cabin a decade ago/. Ronald’s initial thinking was that it would be fantastic to have a wood stove in the event there was no power for days or weeks. But the longer he’s lived here and the more the heating cost rose, the more Ronald used the wood stove. Now his winter season preparations begin in September with breaking, hauling, breaking and stacking a winter’s worth of wood. It’s great to have the supplementary heating as that does lessen the load on the oil furnace and keep his heating costs low. Plus, Ronald sleeps better at night knowing that no matter what, he’ll have heating in this cabin.


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