He won’t go to the theater

My wifey hates seeing films in theaters, however he doesn’t see the point of it.

The current films will come out to digital copies within a few months.

He has a better screen and sound system. He also likes to be able to pause in order to get a drink, snack or pee! For me, I love the experience of going to the theaters. I love dressing up, getting the film stub and the treats from the theater. I prefer the recliner chairs and the big screen, and going to the films was always a large deal in my family. The only thing I do not like is the AC in the theaters. The heavy cooling gets old after a while. In the summer time I don’t prefer having to bring a blazer in order to watch the newest film. When my wifey has us watch a film he does set the cooling system obviously. On colder afternoons all of us even get heating! Having perfect temperature control does make for a wonderful experience. I can curl up under a blanket and just savor the film. My wifey says all of us don’t have to mingle with people too! Everything is safely inside our house. I do prefer checking out the audience and hearing what they have to say though. So I suppose I could take a way too active cooling system in order to see the film in theaters! A lot of people are saying filmplexs won’t last. That is just distraught to me. Going to the films has always been such a large deal. The newest film hitting theaters is sizable too. With it all being digital, nothing will matter anymore.

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