Heated floors and a fireplace work wonders in the winter

I am a cold weather person. I enjoy Cooling. During the summer, I use the air conditioning and I set the thermostat quite low. I like to take my vacations in the fall and winter, when I know it will be cool outside and I won’t have to depend on AC to keep me happy. My daughter, on the other hand, is a warm weather person. She likes to take her vacations in the summer, and she likes to go where it is warm and sunny. In fact, I think if she could go visit the inside of a furnace she would do it. Anyway, she is a beachy girl, and she sets her AC thermostat several degrees higher than I do. It is kind of funny how people have preferences about warm weather and cold weather, don’t you think? The woman I work with is definitely not a cold weather person. She is always extremely cold, even when the rest of us are not. She keeps a portable heater plugged in year round down by her feet at the desk. Recently she was telling me that she wished she could get heated flooring in her bathrooms. I just happened to know a thing about Heating and Cooling systems, and I totally encouraged her to do it. I told her not to wait until next winter, and certainly not to wait until she was ready to renovate her bathrooms. I told her that she should go ahead and get her heated flooring and get her fireplace inserted to have two additional sources of heating for her home.


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