Home on summer break and no air conditioning

It is always nice to be able to get home for summer break.

Summer break is something I have always looked forward to.

Now that I am in college, I look forward to it even more. I have a couple of good friends who live in the local area and when we went to college, it was to different colleges. Summer break was the only time we got to be together. When I got home, I wanted to talk to my parents and then go see my girlfriends. When I got into the house, I couldn’t believe how hot it was. My mom came running in from the kitchen and she apologized for not having any air conditioning. She said the HVAC company was called, but they wouldn’t be there until the following day. I gave her a hug and I told her it was fine, but she told me I should go visit my friend who lived next door. We could always catch up when the air conditioning was fixed the next day. I went over and asked my best friend if it was okay if I spent the night and I explained about the AC. Her mom and dad welcomed me like it was a year ago and I was there visiting on a daily basis. Her mom told me that they had a spare window air conditioning unit and they would take it over to mom so she wouldn’t be there without AC all night and through the following day. I was really happy to see my friend, but I was also grateful that they wanted to help my mom with the air conditioning.

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