How distracting can a cell phone be?

I really don’t like it in school now that they have allowed the students to bring their cell phones to school.

Let me back up here, because it isn’t that they are allowed to have their phones in school, but they are allowed to have them turned on.

No one is allowed to openly chat, but you know there is a lot of texting going on. The staff thought that since the class was mostly adult students who had families, it was best to allow them to have their phones on, in the event of a family emergency. This I understand, but it still drives me crazy. I won’t turn my phone on because I feel it is a distraction. Unfortunately, my best friend and many other students, don’t feel that way. Last week, the air conditioning had gone out in my apartment. I was going to call the HVAC company but I also had to go to class. I figured that I would call the HVAC company the next morning, and hope they could come out and fix my air conditioner before I had to go to class the next afternoon. I was telling my best friend about the air conditioner on the way to school.. We were halfway through class when she showed me a couple of portable air conditioners she had found online. I looked at a couple of them and handed the phone back to her. She found a portable AC unit that was really inexpensive and it was supposed to be really good. I told her we could stop and pick one up on the way home. I got in trouble for talking in class.



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