How he got involved in HVAC

Growing up, my father was constantly into a do-it-yourself kind of guy.

My dad would research anything he could to keep from having to pay someone else to do it.

Occasionally, my dad would even mess the project up even more by trying to repair it himself. I remember one time my dad tried to repair the dishwasher in addition to messed it up so badly that it had to be repaired on an emergency basis. When I was easily young, my dad went into the Heating & Air Conditioning repair industry. My father was really smart in addition to resourceful. He found happiness in repairing things. It made him feel good about himself. When he decided to go to Heating & Air Conditioning corporation school, the family talked about how this would be fun for him. My father had already spent most of his life sitting in an office in front of a tablet in addition to had constantly wanted to do something more hands-on. The Heating & Air Conditioning program lasted for over a year. My dad was able to work his normal job while he took the night classes at the local community. He talked about how much he learned in Heating & Air Conditioning school, but also about how much he knew. My dad was going to be a great Heating & Air Conditioning dealer. Not only was he smart with the machines, but he was also really good to people. My dad was great at answering peoples Heating & Air Conditioning questions. He started the Heating & Air Conditioning corporation job straight out of the program.
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