HVAC filters need replacing

During the last few months, I have been limiting the amount of trips to take outside. We are currently in the middle of a pandemic and it is making it difficult for people to live their daily lives. With so much on the line, it is not safe to venture out more than necessary these days. Over the weekend, I went to the hardware store to pick up some supplies for the house. I had a long list of things I needed including gloves, gardening soil, and HVAC filters. My family’s HVAC system has been working overtime this month since we have all been stuck at home during the day. Everyone being in the house at once makes it much warmer inside, therefore the HVAC system is running more than usual. In addition, there are more allergens and dust being filtered through the HVAC system. When I arrived at the hardware store, I had my list and I knew where everything was located. I quickly navigated my way through the isles to the products I needed. When I arrived at the HVAC section, I was overcome with anxiety. There were so many different shapes, brands and sizes to choose from. I know what size HVAC filters my system required, and I did not see them anywhere for purchase. I left the store defeated and empty handed. I got home and did some more research on my HVAC system. I found the product online, however, it would take several weeks for my new HVAC filters to arrive. I decided that would have to suffice. I placed the order and waited patiently for my new HVAC filters to arrive.

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