I advertised online and sales were boosted by 20%

My brother and I started a business together.

  • I was working as an HVAC repairman and he was working as a plumbing contractor.

The two of us thought we could really Corner the market if we started a business that handles Plumbing and HVAC work. It was a great idea until we had to figure out how to attract clients to our brand new business. We had a lot of competition in the area. There were at least three other large companies doing the same exact thing. One thing that helped us stand apart from the others was online advertising. Advertising online was still relatively new at the time my brother and I started our company. I had a small amount of knowledge about advertising online and search engine optimization. The information came in hand when we were thinking of ways to help the business. I created a website online and paid another company to host the site. I added keywords to the website that would be attractive to search engines like google, yahoo, and Bing. The search engine optimization and keywords helped a great deal. After advertising online, our sales were boosted by 20%. We continue to have excellent growth throughout the first five years of business. I absolutely think that one of the biggest reasons why we were successful is due to the online advertising. We were one of the only companies taking advantage of the internet and it really worked out to our advantage. I wish it was that easy these days, but the internet is flooded with companies and advertising now.
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