I am finally taking the time to clean the HVAC

I have realized recently that there are many things that I overlook when it comes to cleaning, i have worked a full time task ever since our husband and I were first married, so cleaning some of the overlooked things was a once a year kind of thing, now that I am a stay at loft mom, I realize that those things genuinely should be cleaned more often; Our air conditioner is a single of those things that I have literally never cleaned. I assume it is pretty worried considering every one of us have been using the same air conditioner for almost seven years now. I noticed that the family room was starting to stink a little bit musty, and at first, I could not figure out where the stink was coming from! After a little bit of searching, I realized that it was coming from the air conditioner. I took the air conditioner apart to see if I could find the source of the stink, and I realized that the entire air conditioner was filled with mildew. It was easily gross to say the least. I thought about just throwing the air conditioner away and buying a brand up-to-date a single, but I decided to try and wash it first, thankfully, it cleaned up quite well. I updated the filter that should have been updated years ago. The air conditioner grossed me out so badly that I decided that I should genuinely wash our oil furnace as well. The oil furnace was not nearly as bad as the air conditioner, luckily, but it was still quite a task to wash it. Tomorrow, I assume that I will wash all of the vents in the house.

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