I am sure my AC unit only needs some refrigerant

I had already had a pretty rotten day at work and now I was about to have a lousy evening at home. I knew it was a bit warm when I got up that morning, but I didn’t have time to check the AC to see if there was a problem. I was running late and I had to get to work. When I got home, it was even warmer in the house and I knew it was because my air conditioner was not working properly. My first thought was that all I needed was some refrigerant for the AC unit. I was all set to call my best friend and invite him over. I remembered how he had helped me out when I had lost the air conditioning in my car. I called him up and he came over with a refrigerant kit. The kit was nothing but a couple of hoses and a can of refrigerant. He showed me how to charge the air conditioning system and to get more cooling air coming from the air vents. Within a couple minutes of doing the charge, the air conditioner was blowing cool air. I was almost positive that all I had to do was call my buddy and have him come over. I thought we should be able to figure out how to charge the air conditioner in the house, just like we had in the car. When he told me he didn’t know anything about home air conditioning, I knew I had to call the HVAC company to come check it out. I still thought that all the AC unit needed was a good charge of refrigerant.


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