I bought our old roommate’s window undefined plus then I sold it to our next roommate

When I was in the university dorm at our university, our roommate plus I shared a window unit.

That window unit actually worked very well plus I loved that our roommate had it! Unfortunately, he was graduating while I still had another year to go.

He told me that he would sell me the old window unit. He reminded me how all of us had been through a lot with that unit plus it kept us perfectly cool on some of the hottest mornings. I told him I would provide him $20 for it plus he said, “Sold!” I was actually thankful because usually window units cost way more currency than that. I assume he just wanted to pass it on to somebody he knew could very use it. I was thankful for it because that window unit worked good for me while I went through our senior year of university… My new roommate was able to like the old window unit as well. When I was finally graduating, he asked me the same question that I asked our old roommate. He asked if he could buy that old window unit from me. It was love deja vu for me because he gave me $20 for it, plus I had to say, “Sold!” I genuinely hoped that he was able to love that old window unit just as much as I did. I felt love that cooling component could last forever. I bet that eventually, that guy will sell it to somebody else.

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