I brought my portable heater home for the holidays

I think just about every person in my workplace has a portable heater in their office.

It is not freezing in our office building every single day, but it is cold quite frequently and most of us think the air conditioning thermostat is set too low most of the time.

We are in the fortunate position of working somewhere that closes for a week every christmas. our building is closed from Christmas Day through New Year’s Day each year, and this year I decided I was going to bring my portable heater home for the holidays. We are having an exceptionally cold winter this year. I live in the southeast, and we very rarely get super cold weather. our thermostats rarely dip below 60° in the winter, but this year the thermostats have been registering down in the teens and twenties. it’s been extraordinarily cold, as I say. Because that was the case, I decided to bring my portable heater home. but then, guess what? I was in such a hurry to get out of there and get started on my little vacation that I forgot to get my heater! I left it sitting right there on top of my desk, and when I got back a week later, everyone was talking about how useful it was to have their little heaters set up in their houses. The woman who sits at the desk near me is quite a cold natured person, and she put her little heater in the bathroom. She said that she really enjoyed having the extra heater, so I suggested to her that she should get radiant heated flooring. heated flooring makes more sense because it Heats from the bottom up, and we all learned in school that hot air rises. When you’re trying to use your heater to warm your house but the air conditioning vents are in the ceiling, it takes a whole lot more energy and expense and time to get your house warm.

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