I cannot abide with animal abuse.

I don’t understand what people find amusing about picking on animals.

  • Animals are defenseless creatures and if they try to fight back, they end up getting punished or worse, put to sleep.

I just don’t understand the mentality of people. I know that I ended up with some of my feelings about needing to protect animals came about because of my brothers. I had some fish and I kept telling my mom that I needed a new heater. My fish looked like they were shedding and I had read that it can come from not having enough heating in the tank. My brothers overheard me and I heard them whispering when I was in the shower. They had taken my fish tank and put it on the air vent so all of the heating from the furnace was hitting the bottom of the fish tank. By the time I got out of the shower, the water in my small fish tank was so hot that my fish were floating in the water. I couldn’t believe they would be so cruel as to put the fish tank on the air vent. The heating killed my fish and I never really forgave them. Now, whenever I see someone committing some kind of cruelty to animals, I report them to the police. Just last week, I saw a couple of dogs locked inside a car and the outside temperature was nearly 100 degrees. I knew that the heating was even worse inside the car. I called the police and I even waited until they got there. I was going to break a window to cool the car off if someone hadn’t arrived soon.

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