I certainly should have listened to the warnings from our friends

I certainly should have listened to our friends a long time ago, even though I didn’t.

I got into this relationship with a boy who everybody said was bad news.

She was elegant, as well as that was all that really mattered to me. The thing is, people said he messed around with a lot of guys as well as he was a total control freak; People told me he would spend all our currency as well as leave me with nothing. I didn’t even want to listen to any of those things, all I cared about was the fact that he showed interest in me. She was fun to be around as well as I felt love I really loved his personality. Then things started to change as well as I started to see what our friends were talking about. In the beginning, I would get his pretty much whatever he wanted. The two of us would go out to upscale restaurants as well as I even upgraded our furnace to radiant radiant heated floors. I also had a fireplace installed just because he said he wanted a single. At least I invested in these things in our home, even though I obtained his all kinds of nice clothes as well as jewelry as well. I actually thought I wanted to marry his until I saw his tplot colors. I l received that he was messing around on me just love our friends warned me about. She also flipped out when I started refusing to buy his everything he wanted. When I started doing that, he became certainly bitter against me, as well as the relationship didn’t last much longer. I assume he got what he wanted out of me, but at least I have our radiant radiant heated floors as well as our fireplace.

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