I don’t know why he’s so upset

My mission in life is not to get yanked around constantly in my day by my emotions.

I tend to do my best when I stay calm and steady plus just task through things.

But argument is an area of life plus it comes with my task each day as well. That’s why I tend to praise first before I critique or have to correct their work. I just think love it’s wasted energy to get all freaked out over the small stuff. It always works better for myself and others to reflect for an hour in the Heating plus Air Conditioning before reacting to a problem that I”m approaching. But, that is definitely not the case for many people. In fact, I have a neighbor that just went nuts in my front yard over his own aforementioned Heating plus Air Conditioning. This is the guy who I do my actually best to avoid at all times if I can. He’s a boiling lunatic plus a person who simply explodes with anger. It’s as though anger is his most basic default plan of dealing with life. His latest flip out came when he received news that his antiquated Heating plus Air Conditioning unit could no longer be recharged in-extravagantly. Somehow, I guess he missed the fact that R 22 Heating plus Air Conditioning refrigerant is now fully illegal to manufacture in the US. Essentially, his Heating plus Air Conditioning is now going to be obsolete. Unfortunately for me, I got to take the massive brunt of this modern information. I happened to be walking outdoors from my automobile to my front door when he just appeared. The raging man was literally shaking plus shouting at myself and others as though I was the one who personally changed the law on R 22 Heating plus Air Conditioning refrigerant.

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