I hate the sun

When you live in the southwest desert for as long as I have, you end up getting this really deep hatred for sunny days! That may sound morbid, but clouds and rain make me feel alive and the sunshine makes me feel lethargic and depressed.

Day after day of having bright sunshine and unbearable temperatures ranging in the one hundred plus area for most of the year is what did this to me.

Especially the fact of having to overwork my central air conditioning system all the time. I also deal with pretty high electric bills too because of it. I never had imagined that one day I would live somewhere that required air conditioning to survive! I hate it! And the fact that you are blasting that air conditioning almost 24/7 most of the year is another annoyance and horrible thing. It really really depresses me and makes me feel awful. Not breathing any fresh air because it is too hot all the time. And trust me, dry heat is worse than regular humid heat. Don’t let anyone else tell you different! In humid heat, I would not be running the central air conditioning system as much as I have to here! I plan to eventually break lose from this place and move to a better part of the country as soon as I can afford to do so. Because I just hate the sunshine and breathing in nothing but central air conditioning all of the darn time! It is like I said, really horrible. And this is pretty much an understatement!
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