I knew what I wanted to do

Starting a new job can be exhausting.

Some people don’t get what they want to do for a living until much later in life.

With all of the careers out there, there is something for everyone. Finding the perfect job can be difficult and take years to find. Occasionally, people never find the perfect job. They seem to work terrible jobs their entire life. That wasn’t what happened to me though. I knew that I wanted to work in the Heating & Air Conditioning industry since I was a little kid. The Heating & Air Conditioning industry was something that my father, brothers in addition to uncles all did. I grew up hearing the Heating & Air Conditioning terminology in addition to listening to the men in the family problem solve on the weekends. Eventually, my family started their own Heating & Air Conditioning business. The men ran the business in the field and the women handled the accounts, phones and ordering supplies. It became a big thing for everyone. I knew I would go take classes in HVAC, get certified, licensed and then work in the family dealership. I should have started Heating & Air Conditioning classes at a much younger age. I should have right away read information online and learned all I could. I thought I might be destined for something else. I was always the black sheep. So I tried some different things before realizing it wasn’t the family pushing me towards HVAC, I am just talented in that industry. Now I am a HVAC contractor and really happy with what I do.

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