I never heard of a heat pump before

There entirely isn’t too much that I don’t understand about where I live.

We’ve been here for years and I’ve figured out how to get by with the best life.

Every one of us is far enough south that every one of us gets tons of sunshine through the Winter and love to brag about mostly mild temperatures. I can’t say the same about when I lived much further north. That Winter was a menace and went on for almost the whole year. The Heating and A/C oil furnace was something that I certainly had to lean on each and every winter. I was entirely wise and careful to make sure the Heating and A/C oil furnace was in prime condition for my family prior to the bottom falling out of the thermometer. Our situation is, of course, very novel now. I couldn’t be more pleased to trade that trusty oil furnace for the energy efficient heat pump to heat and cool our home. The heat pump system is for sure the best choice for this area primarily for the Heating and A/C heating aspect. Our summers get quite intensely boiling for only about 4 weeks in a row. The Heating and A/C heat pump generally does a super and efficient task of keeping our beach house cool in tandem with the AC while in heat that hovers around triple digits. Nonetheless, the little heat pump always gets officially diagnosed by Heating and A/C professionals before winter. Once the temps drop enough around the holidays, the heat pump we utilize makes an instant transition to heating the house. And, it is amazing at heating our home. It does a good task each day of keeping us cozy on the afternoons that get a bit more than chilly.

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