I speak out against animal abuse

Over the past ten years, I have become a spokesperson against animal abuse.

I first thought about the atrocities that people perpetrate against animals, when I was about ten years old. I had never realized how cruel people can be to animals until I saw my brothers being so mean to a couple of rats. I know that rats are able to survive just about anything, but not when they are kept inside all of the time, and in a cage. My brothers had just picked up an old AC unit for their bedroom. They had to ‘tweak it’ as they put it, to get it running. They said they wanted to test the air conditioner before they put it in their bedroom. They had a couple rats in their bedroom and I saw them put the air conditioner right in front of the rats cage. It shocked me to see how the rats were behaving with the AC unit on its highest setting and less than a foot away from them. They were actually trying to bite the bars so they could get away from the blast of air conditioning. I ended up screaming at them and I knocked the air conditioner on the floor while grabbing the rat’s cage. They yelled for my mom and told them I had stole the rats, but I told her what they did with the air conditioner. My brothers lost the air conditioner and I was warned about breaking the belongings of others. To this day, I am still the champion for animals of all kinds.


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