I think this space might work out

It’s rough how much inflation has affected the overall price of goods at the grocery store. The last 10 years saw a steady increase in the general cost of groceries, while minimum wage in some locations really stayed in the exact same spot. I have struggled personally, like anyone else—but I am extremely worried about those trying to make ends meet by working more than one or several strenuous minimum wage jobs simultaneously. They must feel trapped and suffocated each day by their dwindling ability to afford to survive in a world that only gets increasingly more costly each year. This is the primary driving factor I’ve realized that several have for wanting to raise everyone’s minimum wage. Across the board, if those struggling the most could have more cash in their family pockets, all of society would benefit from the changes. I don’t suppose this change would be enough for our dwindling city. Both of us had so several brand new businesses move in the 2008 recession that I’m afraid of what the casualties finally will be once the pandemic is finally over. I remember that rent for any commercial office spaces and other industrial buildings was high roughly 15-20 years ago. I was going to open a supplier but as deterred by the ultra high rent costs just to have our own building. Nowadays you can rent commercial office space out directly next to the interstate for next to nothing. It’s so cheap that I have considered going ahead and expanding our small online supplier by getting an office and warehouse space. Even nowadays with the low rental costs right now for supplier development, I can’t see myself making the massive leap anytime soon. The pandemic has all of us fearing for our entire lives between viral exposure and economic ruin.


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