I wanted to hire the experienced HVAC tech

I was looking for an experienced HVAC tech to work in the repair shop.

I had a stack of applications, but only a handful of qualified candidates. I interviewed several candidates during the process. I was hoping someone would stick out in the crowd and then I met with Jack. Jack had a ton of experience and he was still young and healthy. He was perfect for the HVAC repair company. He had five years working in a commercial HVAC repair service as well as a couple of years of military background. I interviewed Jack and we talked for nearly an hour. At no time during the interview did the guy mention the fact that he has a criminal record. It would not have been a deal-breaker for me, if he would have mentioned the problem during the interview. When I found out through a criminal investigation, I was very upset. I told Jack that I was not going to be able to hire him and I stated the exact reason why. He understood my reasons. I told the guy that he could apply again next year if he still needed a job. I continued my search for a new technician. I ended up hiring a woman with three years experience. Her resume did not look nearly as nice as Jack’s, but she didn’t have a criminal history and two felonies on her record. I honestly hope the guy will apply again next year. He seemed like a great candidate for the job and I would be willing to give him a try.


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