I wish I could get my new A/C machine sooner rather than later

It’s kind of strange how I am doing my best to wait patiently for this new stimulus payment, when the whole thing is spent already.

I’m being serious, every single dollar is accounted for, plus will barely have time to warm up my bank account before it goes into someone else’s bank account.

It seems a serious insult handing us such a small check plus expecting us to be thankful for that little amount. I didn’t ask for this money, but if you’re going to do it, you should be doing it right! If I seem severely cranky, it’s because I am on month 2 with no air conditioning working in my residence, plus I am losing my mind altogether. It isn’t even the most overheated part of the year yet, however without any cooling my residence has turned into a hot box. I have to pen up all the windows plus turn on every fan I own to get enough air circulation to dissipate the heat even a little amount. I have already had a few consultations with local Heating plus Air Conditioning machine dealers, who had their professionals check out my system… One of them pushed for a new system completely, which is still a good amount of time away from being possible. The very next Heating plus Air Conditioning professional said they could keep this actual one running for a while. He also encouraged me to get a whole new Heating plus Air Conditioning machine, however if that wasn’t possible there were a few things they could do in the meantime. So that essentially means my stimulish cash isn’t even buying me something, just providing me a few more weeks of air conditioning to figure out something else.

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