Ice Cream and AC rounds out a long day at the beach

We had just been through a long heat wave in our area.

Our kids had been cooped up inside the house and they were itching to get out and do something before school opened up.

I found myself with a full weekend free and my wife was also off from the hospital. We sat at the breakfast table and we were discussing doing something fun for the rest of Saturday and Sunday morning. My wife laughed and told me she had the perfect idea. While I called and booked the night at our favorite hotel, my wife packed up bathing suits and other clothing for the twenty-four hour getaway. When the car was packed, we started yelling to get the kids out of bed. The boys were less than happy, but the girls smiled and came running downstairs. We told them they had five minutes to be dressed and back downstairs. The boys yelped about food and I told them we weren’t cooking today. Ten minutes later we were in the car and heading out of town. After a quick stop for a fast food breakfast, we made our way out of town. Now everyone was getting excited as they realized they were in for a treat. We had a nice suite that had perfect air conditioning, where we got into our swimsuits and headed for the beach. We had a wonderful day at the beach before we all decided we needed some ice cream. We ate our ice cream before heading back to the AC of the hotel and a restaurant. We had a wonderful night at the hotel and the air conditioning felt wonderful after a hot day at the beach.

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