I’m hoping my AC unit only needs refrigerant.

It amazes how the first couple minutes after waking up is all it takes to decide if your day is going to go good or bad.

When I first got up this morning, it was really hot in the house.

I checked out the thermostat only to find out that it was working fine. I called the HVAC company to have them come out and service my air conditioning but they were completely overbooked for a couple of days. All I could think of was how bad it was going to be over the next two days, to not have any air conditioning and my mood was worsening. I started thinking about one summer when my car didn’t have any air conditioning. I called a friend of mine and asked him about the air conditioning and if he knew anything about it. He told me that he had a refrigerant kit in his garage. He offered to bring it over and to see if he couldn’t charge the air conditioner in the car. I was amazed at how simple it was for him to charge the air conditioner and get it working again. A part of me wanted to call him and ask him if he knew how to charge the air conditioning to the house. I was pretty sure that was probably the reason the AC unit wasn’t working. I decided to just wait for the HVAC company to show up and check the AC unit for me. The car was just so cool after the recharge and I think a recharge is really all my AC unit needs.

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