I’m just waiting patiently for my new A/C appliance

It’s pretty crazy how I am doing my best to wait patiently for this upcoming stimulus check.

The entire thing is spent already! Seriously, every single dollar is accounted for, plus I will hardly have time to warm up my bank account before it goes into someone else’s bank account.

I honestly feel it’s a bit of an insult handing us a miniscule check plus expecting us to be thankful, honestly. I didn’t ask for this money, but if you’re going to do it, do it the right way! If I seem sort of cranky, it’s because I have gone a long time with no A/C in my dwelling, plus I am losing my mind over it. It isn’t even the hottest section of the year as of yet, but separate from any cooling my dwelling has basically turned into a hot box. I have to pen up all the windows plus turn on every fan I own to get enough air circulation to dissipate the heat even a tiny bit. I have already had numerous consultations with local Heating plus A/C businesses, who had their technicians check out my HVAC appliance. One of them pushed for a brand new HVAC appliance, which is still a couple of years away from being possible. The second Heating plus A/C company stated they could keep this a single HVAC appliance running for a good while to come, and he also encouraged me to get a current Heating plus A/C appliance, but if that wasn’t possible there were some things they could do in the interim. So that means my stimmy check isn’t even purchasing me something, just providing me a few more weeks of air conditioning to figure out something different.

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