Is AC needed in a rental

Finding a suitable rental space is a challenging task on its own.

However, worrying about utilities such as air conditioning systems on top of finding the ideal rental space can make finding one even more difficult.

Depending on the market you are searching for, you will find different utility situations based on the rental type and climate of the region. The laws regarding HVAC systems vary from state to state. However, in every state, landlords have the same responsibility of ensuring that their rentals provide safe and habitable living conditions. Meaning, the tenant is allowed a safe, structurally sound dwelling with proper systems to keep them safe in any weather. In many states, landlords have to provide sufficient heating, but they don’t necessarily need to provide cooling. In some states, landlords are not legally required to provide air conditioning, but they are obligated to maintain the air conditioning systems that they have provided. Keeping your living space cool and comfortable is among the top priorities of every person, be it the owner or the tenant. The window air conditioning system is the most recommended cooling system for rental. This is an AC type that is installed in an open window. Most landlords approve of their tenants installing window air conditioning systems in their rented spaces mainly because they don’t require too much work during the installation process, unlike other air conditioning systems. This minimizes the possibility of damaging the interior parts of the rented space. Tenants also approve of window air conditioning systems due to their portability as well as low up-front costs.

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