It is so icy in our house!

Last night, the two of us had the worst ice storm that I have ever experienced, however i was on our way beach house from church when it started, although I still had a 45-minute drive home.

Towards the end of our drive, the road started getting bad, but the two of us made it safely.

Thankfully, our gas furnace was still working, plus the two of us were staying warm; However, during the middle of the night, the electricity stopped working, plus that meant that our gas furnace stopped working as well, then both of us had genuinely no heat for our house, however now, our house is small plus poorly insulated, so the two of us began to lose heat hastily! Without the gas furnace, it was only a matter of hours before our house reached the same temperature as outside. Thankfully, it wasn’t below chilly, because our water pipes would have been frozen, but it was cold, plus the two of us were miserable. Since there were so many fallen trees plus icy roads, the two of us weren’t able to get out of the house. With no gas furnace, the two of us mainly bundled up for the entire day in bed plus piled the blankets on top of us, after a few days, the roads cleared up a bit, plus the two of us went to our church to sizzling up for the day. The gas furnace was working at our church, plus it was nice plus sizzling there. After a bit, I went to planet fitness to workout plus take a shower, since they had a working gas furnace plus sizzling water as well, then our friends l gained that the two of us had no electricity still, plus they provided to let us stay with them because they had electricity plus a working gas furnace. The next day, our power came back on along with our gas furnace.

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