It’s worth a check before you pay

Are you experiencing concerns with your oil furnace? Do you want to save money on HVAC bills? Did it abruptly stop finally working when you turned it on? You may be having ignitor complications.

But you can take care of them yourself.

Newer gas oil furnace models come equipped with electric igniters that light modern gas furnaces plus turn your fuel into heat, thus becoming your home’s heat source. Your ignitor’s main position is to create a multitude of flames to light the burner, which opens up the gas valve for a combustion process that ultimately generates your home’s heat. A malfunctioned ignitor in your system makes it difficult for your oil furnace to turn on. To be sure that your complications generally arise from an exhausting ignitor, you will need to test it by following a few steps. First, inspect your oil furnace for any visual disfigures plus test the circuit right away. After that, use the temperature control to turn it off. Locate your oil furnace’s circuit breaker which is in the main breaker box of your lake apartment or on the oil furnace, plus switch it off promptly. Turning off the circuit breaker helps cool off your oil furnace. After your oil furnace cools down to room temperature, just unscrew plus take out the service panel located on the side of your oil furnace to find the necessary ignitor. Look out for any disfigures that would cause the ignitor to fail plus need a full replacement. If not, you have other problems on your hands. Call for help and save your HVAC.



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