Learning PPC

It has been close to 6 months since I have added SEO, or Search Engine Optimization to my website.

My website afterwards had a huge boom of traffic and people visiting per day. Originally I only had a few hundred people visiting per month, and that number after applying SEO quickly jumped to 1,000 and sometimes even more than that! I was ecstatic with this change and the fact that it worked and my website has become more popular since. Since the SEO method worked so well, I wondered what other new online marketing methods I could use? I found out about two others that I could use to boost my website even more. PPC and SEM. I started with PPC, which is pay per click. Pay per click is basically where my website’s business is advertised and every time someone clicks on the ad, I would pay a small amount to the search engine hosting the ads. It may seem at first that PPC would be a waste of money if only some people come to buy things, but it not only directs potential customers to my website, but also if someone purchases something it will usually outweigh the amount paid to the search engine, thus a profit is made. As always, I did plenty of reading on the efficiency of PPC, and I found out it is one of the most popular used techniques for making money in digital marketing. After I had a basic knowledge on how PPC works, then I started having multiple different search engines host my ads, in hopes that I could potentially make a sale.

Pay per click