Learning SEO

I was at a loss. I had finally managed to create an online website for my HVAC company after a few months, but yet I was getting very little traffic. I went through different methods of attracting attention to my brand new website, even lowering my prices on some of the HVAC services my website offered. But yet, even after these attempts, I was gaining very little attention. I asked my father, who had several years worth of experience regarding business and how to advertise online and he suggested a method I’ve never heard of. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization was a method that a website will use to gain more traffic by adding certain keywords to their website. This way, when search engines will search my website, they will find these keywords and attract attention to my website. I read online on how to apply the method, and other ways to attract attention such as SEM and other forms of online marketing. It didn’t seem like adding SEO to my business would be very hard, and the rewards would be great. After adding different keywords to my website, I noticed a huge change! I was originally only getting around 150-200 a month people visiting my website, and after I added the Search Engine Optimization, I was now getting upwards towards 1,000 a month! SEO has completely changed how I did things online for the better, and I continue learning different methods like these to continue to attract potential customers to my website, and I am so glad that I learned SEO, because it has helped my website immensely.