Let HVAC savings help with household budget

There is nothing like losing just over 30 percent of your household income to get your attention when it comes to spending.

And that’s exactly what my wife and I faced this past year.

Due to the cut backs at our respective companies, my wife and I had to endure pretty serious salary cuts. This came about due to the pandemic and we are hoping to have those salaries and bonus structure returned once we get back to the office. I know that the zone controlled HVAC is not the only thing I will be glad to have when I get back to normal with my job. Having my normal paycheck is the biggest thing that I need. However, my wife and I figured it out last year. And we didn that by really focusing on what we spend on essentials. Prior to last year, we simply spent on essentials without examination. That included heating and cooling costs. But when we really dug into it, we found that there was a lot of room for savings when it came to heating and air conditioning. All we had to do was get a bit proactive and committed to saving on HVAC utility costs. There were two main components in the HVAC savings strategy. Make sure the house was super tight and make sure we weren’t over heating the house in the winter or over cooling the house in the summer. Our efforts netted us significant savings that went right to the bottom line of our household budget. And even though we expect to be back at full salary, we’re keeping up with the HVAC savings plan we have in place.


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