Managing the air conditioning for the TV studio

I can’t say that I am a show business guy, but I do work in the industry…. Sort of. OK, so here’s the deal — for every movie and tv show they make, there are a ton of people called support staff. These are the electricians that wire the stage, the caterers that feed everyone, the parking attendants that take your cars. We aren’t performers, but we contribute to these works of art being made. So I am not bragging or trying to sound like a big shot when I say that I go to a TV studio for work every day. I am the HVAC man for the local broadcast affiliate, and I am a vital part of making the news shows you watch every day. It isn’t just me, of course, we have a service department that handles HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and anything else facility-related. I get to see, and sometimes meet, a lot of local celebrities, and they all rely on me for the cooling, so their makeup doesn’t melt. All of these folks, from the weatherman to the mayer, all wear pancake makeup, and the A/C balances out the heat from the stage lights. Without the air conditioning, the broadcast would be a disaster of epic proportions, so I have job security as long as I keep everyone feeling cool and looking good. I like what I do with my HVAC work, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a thrill from being able to work alongside famous people. It’s a great job!

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