Might go back to school and become certified

My partner has been wanting me to go back to university for a long time.

I always thought that he wanted me to get my teaching degree finished or my master’s degree.

However, it turns out that he absolutely is interested in having me get an HVAC certification. I said I was a little bit surprised about that, he said that I shouldn’t be surprised. He believes it would be a good idea because we have some many HVAC related problems. It seems like every time that I turn around, we are paying more money for a heating service or an a/c repair, and my partner is getting entirely sick of it and so am I. I’m not entirely sure that getting an HVAC certification is exactly the right job path for me right now. I could particularly take the classes and get the certification, although I don’t entirely think that I want to become an HVAC worker once I finish with the classes. I guess the work market is pretty great for HVAC workers, though. My partner says that even if I work part time for one of the local heating and cooling companies that it will help out with our finances, and not only that, but the other thing is that I would be able to repair our furnace and our central a/c device myself whenever it stops working. I think that is the main reason that he wants me to go to university to get my HVAC certification. It’s not so I can get a job, it’s so I can repair our HVAC system at home.

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