Modern heating and cooling for old lodge

All the men in my family have long been hunters.

I mean for generations of males in this family, hunting has been a very, very big deal.

That sort of hit a brick wall when it came to my generation. I wasn’t the only boy in my family to find the idea of hunting less than appealing. First of all, I didn’t like having to leave the comfort of quality heating and air to go hunt. Being up in some treestand instead of inside with the gas furnace heating was not my idea of a bonus weekend. However, I have always loved the hunting lodge that has been in our family for generations. Since the current generation is not all that much into the roughing it of all male hunting trips, we made some changes. I got together with my siblings and my cousins to discuss the future of the hunting lodge. It needed some work so I thought that while we were doing that, we could update some comfort areas in the place as well. We got some decent furniture in there as well as an updated kitchen. While we kept the wood stove as the primary heating source, we put in some modern residential HVAC equipment as well. An HVAC technician installed a pair of ductless heat pumps in there. So now we have air conditioning in the summer months. Plus, we can rely on the heating of the ductless heat pump when we first get there during the winter months. The addition of the ductless heat pumps was just what that old hunting lodge needed to be a bigger part of all of our lives.

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