My boss won't fix the heat in the delivery truck

For the past three years, I have been delivering flowers for a company in town.

  • The business is one of the largest florists in the city and they deliver fresh flowers Monday through Sunday.

I deliver flowers 5 days every week. I always work on Saturday and Sunday and I work three additional days throughout the week. A couple of weeks ago, the heat in my delivery truck stopped working. At first the heat would not work on the maximum setting. After a couple days, the heat would only work on the lowest setting. Then the heat did not work at all and neither did the fan. I told my boss about the problem with the heat as soon as the first problem occurred. She totally ignored my request for a repair. After I complained a second time, she claimed there were no other delivery trucks available. I don’t know why my boss won’t fix the heat in the delivery truck, but it’s almost December and the temperatures are only getting colder. If she does not fix the heating problem before the first snowfall, I’m going to contact the human resource department and file a complaint. When the temperatures are below freezing, there is absolutely no reason for me to drive around in a vehicle that does not have heat. My job is already difficult. I have to make sure none of the flowers are damaged while driving from one place to another and I never get a break except during lunch time. I could find other jobs delivering if this one doesn’t get better.


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