My brother helped me install my new thermostat

I really thought that I’d be able to install a modern temperature control into our home.

I wanted to install the smart temperature control, because we’d be able to control our HVAC units from our iPhones.

We thought that this would be particularly neat! When I looked up how to install the new temperature control online, it said that if I was able to install a receptacle or light switch, than I would be able to wire up a modern temperature control. However, they didn’t tell me that I didn’t have enough wires to hook up our new temperature control. I tried taking the HVAC component apart to find a wire, but when I looked at how the previous HVAC component was installed, I realized that the HVAC technician had wired the HVAC component in an undoubtedly confusing way. I told my brother that I would actually have to call an HVAC technician again to have them install our new temperature control, even though it would be more costly this way. When my brother asked me what was wrong with our temperature control, I told him. Apparently, he had just installed his own temperature control, plus he was more than willing to help me install ours! He drove right over, plus he hastily installed the temperature control. Even though the wiring was a mess, my brother had spent most of his life fixing the HVAC units at his own home because he was too poor to hire an HVAC worker like ourselves. I asked him to show me the ropes, plus he was more than willing to teach me so I’d be able to repair our own HVAC units from then on. I have a superb brother.

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