My friend still helps me with my HVAC

I remember the first time I met my now best friend, Jeff. They had just moved into the house next door and I went over to check him out. He seemed like an odd type of person, but we hit it off anyway. We had a lot in common, except for our hobbies. I felt a bit odd when he showed me the basement. He had a lot of broken air conditioners sitting on the shelf. He was the only thirteen year old I knew who spent his spare time rebuilding window air conditioners. I was a bit skeptical about all of this until the day our AC unit broke down at the house. He came over to the house for a couple of hours and he couldn’t believe it was so hot in our home. I told him we were waiting for the HVAC company to show up and fix the air conditioning for us. I didn’t tell him that they wouldn’t be there for a couple days. He told me to stay put and he left as abruptly as he showed up. When he returned, he was carrying a window air conditioner with him. I helped him to put it in the window and he told me it was one his dad had picked up in a junkyard. He had just finished rebuilding it and he wanted to give it to my mom and I. My mom was shocked when she got home from work and we had air conditioning. That was almost twenty years ago and to this day, whenever I have trouble with my AC, all I have to do is call Jeff.

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