My house is much too warm during the winter months

I grew up way out in the country, and I loved it.

I never pictured myself living in the city.

Matter of fact, I wanted to buy a ranch as soon as I graduated college and raise animals for the rest of my life. I never dreamed that I would be where I am today. I ended up getting an engineering degree in college, and after I graduated, I moved to the second largest city in the country. I can honestly say that there are many pros and cons to both city and country living. The nice thing about living in the city where I am at now is the convenience of being able to walk just a couple of blocks and be at the grocery store or the mall. I live within walking distance of my job which is another plus. I do miss the laid back country way of living though. Everything here is on the go 24/7. Another not so fun thing is living in a tiny apartment. I really hate living in the apartment that I am in now, especially during the wintertime. I have no control over how warm it is in my house. I get home from work everyday, and it literally feels like a sona in my apartment. I wish that I was able to regulate the temperature better in my apartment. I usually have to open the windows in my bedroom and living room just to keep the temperature in a comfortable range. Hopefully, I will be able to find a new apartment soon that will allow me to set the temperature to what I want it to be set to.

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