My HVAC company keeps getting bigger.

I don’t know if you’ve been following it, but this is part of a series of blogs I have been writing about my first years in the HVAC industry.

I think a lot of people out there might get a little bit of inspiration from my story.

I didn’t start off with a lot of money, or a trust fund from a rich mommy and daddy. I had to work hard for everything I achieved, and thanks to the support and help of my wife Bonnie I have found success the honest way! At this point I had been in business for 3 years, and my little HVAC company that used to just be me and my wife now had 5 other employees! Denny was my main HVAC tech, and he had Mark and Bobby who worked for him. They were his assistants, for very different reasons. Bobby is studying to become a certified HVAC tech and just getting some hands-on experience while he finishes up. Mark on the other hand is not ever going to be an HVAC tech, he is a customer service rep. The problem with Denny is that he is an ace with HVAC work but does not know how to talk to people. I got a lot of complaints about Denny because he is a great HVAC tech but a total jerk. Mark goes with Denny to deal with the customers and give them excellent service, leaving Denny free to focus on the heating and cooling repairs. The system has been working great so far.

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